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Automotive applications

As modern cars become more advanced in terms of functionality, convenience and safety, the number of sensors grows as well. It’s not uncommon that a car has 100s of sensors to monitor its operation and its users. Acconeer provides the automotive industry with radar sensors for a range of use cases of which some are featured below.

In-cabin passenger detection

The Acconeer radar sensors are used by car manufacturers to detect presence of people inside the cabin. Once integrated in the car environment, the sensors can detect a range of valuable data points for the driver such as a sleeping child in the backseat or unauthorized access.

  • In-cabin passenger detection
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Seatbelt reminder

Trunk kick sensor

Once you get used to it, it’s impossible to live without it. A kick sensor that allows you to open your trunk with a subtle foot gesture is valuable when carrying bags, boxes or other items that occupy both hands. The Acconeer radar sensors are designed to work in an outdoor environment while still providing accurate detections.

  • Works in rough weather and temperatures
  • Robust against interference
  • Made for gesture detection

Tank level indication

Being able to accurately detect the tank level of various fluids of a vehicle is not only a necessity within modern automotive technology, but also a reassurance for the driver that everything is operationally ok. The Acconeer radar sensors are rated for use in temperatures between -40 and +105° C.

  • Report tank level in real-time with mm accuracy
  • The Acconeer sensors can measure through the plastic container
  • The radar sensor has a footprint of only 29 mm2

Vehicle load weight measurement

Being able to measure the weight of a vehicle’s load has several benefits. Number one is to ensure that the vehicle is not overloaded from a safety point of view. Another reason is cost efficiency when it comes to maximizing your fleet’s total load capacity. There may also be regional road regulations for maximum vehicle weights.

  • Acconeer sensors measure the compression of the suspension
  • Works with different types of suspension solutions
  • Resistant to any type of hot, cold, wet or dirty environments

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